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Back in my student days I have to wait for a girl in a room across the hall to take dachix a shower for me. There was a small circular hole in the handle of the bathroom door, that when someone gave dachix him a towel draped over it, a good view of most of what was a very small bathroom. One night, drunk admitted he sometimes used to sneak up on the landing of the morning and have a sly look at me, what I thought, because you often hear crackling on the outside. I often get soap my cock and I was waiting for them and they watched and played with her, which told me that he sometimes did. I've even seen other things through the hole itself, if lucky a few times and saw my friend in the bathroom with his cock sucked by his girlfriend. in a similar voyeur theme, the real story goes back to the problems of the Icelandic volcano a few years. I was able to Barceleona business with colleagues, but because of the ash cloud to return home as planned. faithdy the search of a distraction, I prepared to meet Chloe, a young Geordie a related company, I had dachix some chance encounters with the past and I knew a little fun up. She is only 29 with a beautiful voluptuous body, long dark hair and a sexy pussy trimmed After a few drinks in town, went to dinner then took a cab back to the hotel on the outskirts of the city. To capture was found to save money, was his colleague Becky share a room with her, the first thought that could ruin our fun. How wrong I was... It was late when we returned to the hotel and the room was dark as we walked in silence. Becky was fast asleep in one of two single beds were pushed together and bit me to the bathroom when Chloe began to undress. normal, rather than buy new underwear for forced extra days in the city, has decided to dachix girls, who brought with them in the sink. Everywhere I looked there thatof torque and dachix tight lace panties and bras hanging to dry, and I got a kick out of comparing the sexy bra sizes and ask yourself, whose pants who. dachix Back in the room had, Chloe climbed into bed and I undressed quickly and approached her, I slept outside with Becky by. Soon we were to reach and kiss in silence, hoping not to wake Becky, who had met briefly a few times. knew from previous conversations with Chloe, the two of them in a room together in many foreign business together and were more than willing to undress in front of each other. They even had a mud bath together naked in a spa hotel in the United States. Chloe I have to admit though nothing is what happens between them is a bit dachix bisexual (with a great thing for Cheryl Cole ) and had a Snog drunk with a girl in a pub in his student days, sleeping in the two together dachix ended. She was always reluctant to tell me much about them, but administrativet you enjoyed it and always ended with a strapon fucked. was like we're playing together in silence through the leaves, which I heard Becky revolver and began to turn. In the darkness I could see his way in the bed next door and heard her whisper hello to Chloe. However, they have noticed something, because the next thing he knew shot up, lit the lamp at night, and said, 'Jesus, someone came,' feeling a little embarrassed, that silent hello dachix referred to her and apologized. ' Do not worry,' he laughed. ' Have fun, not for me. ' The sexual tension was building, but when we are still completely open to reveal her pajamas of her great cleavage. Chloe kissed, she kissed me back and before I realized that I was looking under the blanket, Becky or the other bed, the light stays on. Chloe can be a bit prudish, at times, but the drink was, obviously, reduces inhibitions, let me gently as she slid my cock intor her, panting, and looked at Becky. ' Oooh, yes, ' he muttered, Becky. ' Are you doing what I think you're doing? grinned. 'Yes, I said dachix simply. I do not mind do you? ' Chloe smiled, pretending a protest, but let dachix me continue. 'I dachix like that Chloe? ' Said Becky, her eyes bright with mischief. 'Come on, give her Ed ' needed little encouragement, and I loved it when attacked Becky and pulled the blanket over us to see bold. I remember a moment of slight embarrassment, he could see me now dragged, but I was too far to stop and Chloe laughed. I could feel how wet I always was. Becky slipped behind us at the foot of the bed. 'God, I've never seen before sex vivo. 'He said. ' dachix Are you OK with me you see? That's incredible to see his tail. ' I loved now, and was surprised that Chloe will continue. I pulled my cock slowly and deliberately to take a good look at Becky, and then backward in ' Ooooo 'said Becky, 'oh hell this is great. Jesus is his huge cock, Chloe, lucky cow. ' The promotion made ​​us both so he went and crouched between the legs of Ckloe on my hips, my cock fishing until the acorn was brilliant with her juices. Becky to see up close. 'Ed circumcision, I remember asking him. ' I've never seen one, the button looks great, 'he laughed. I decided to slip on Chloe in her womb and she quickly dropped to his knees. I got behind and started fucking her foot gently while watching Becky continued. she had gone a bit quiet dachix and I have great enthusiasm, looking behind me to see the fascination in the face, ran a hand over his pajamas, he moved with timidity, as he saw me looking. ' do not worry go, or is, she said, as Chloe turned her head back to see what he was doing. ' Do you want milk ?' Said Becky. 'Let me see... ' Love Chloe me, cum on her breasts, so I tookout, it became the back. ' Ok ' he said simply. I rode her belly and a big erection and masturbated Becky has another closer look. It was too much for me and a few massage strokes cum jets shot through PERT beautiful tits Chloe, she murmured her thanks as Becky. ' Oh God, I run,' he said, and both turned their heads to watch as she led him, a silent orgasm, her body shaking as she was masturbating. then sat back to see, I like Chloe fingers, while some of my semen used to frig her clitoris. It usually takes a while to finish, but a few minutes I was panting as he said later, a very intense orgasm. I I have not had the opportunity to get to the fun we had that night, despite talking about it, only dachix to repeat always hot with Chloe. Hope you enjoyed listening.
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